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Affection on Viruses Due to Resonance Frequency

Deepak Shrotriya*, Pramod Kumar Verma and Rajeev Kumar Agarwal


There are many types of viruses in the world which affected our life. The size and shape are different. There are some treatments available for some viruses but there are no any treatments for some viruses like as corona virus. By resonance frequency or resonance sound we can affect corona virus (COVID 19 ) or other viruses to a large extent. For this we need how to generate resonant sound. We generate resonance sound by different method the sound hits on viruses such as a champagne flute it excites the viruses up to internally causing them to vibrate. Each object will naturally vibrate at a particular frequency, known as its resonance frequency, and if we choose a sound wave that matches that pitch the viruses will start to shake more and more vigorously. In some methods the pitch of sound of frequency of sound change time to time, some frequency match with virus resonance frequency and make an effect on viruses and this is possible according to physics. In this article we study about the affection on viruses due to resonance frequency.

Keywords: Resonance frequency, corona virus, flute, resonance sound.

Posted in Issue No. 4 (October-December 2020), Volume 2

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