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Strange Points of Schrodinger Wave Function for Circle well

Deepak Shrotriya and Pramod Kumar Verma


In this article we discuss about the circle potential well and we solve the strange behavior of two dimensional Schrodinger wave function. It is a most thing here we use Schrodinger equation in polar form [1]. We discuss about the quantum mechanical eigen solutions for two dimensional infinites well system contained circle boundary with an infinite barrier. We discuss resultant energy eigen values spectra & find novel energy eigen state in these systems. And other discuss also the density energy eigen values F(E). here there are three type circle wells [2] like as half circle well (cemi circle well), full circle well, circle well with baffle.

Keywords: Circle Well, Baffle, Schrodinger, Solid Lines, Footprint.

Posted in Volume 4, Issue No. 4 (October-December 2022)

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