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The Strange Points of Schrodinger Wave Equation/Function in Different Potential Well

Deepak Shrotriya*, Pramod Kumar Verma, and Richa Pathak


This article is meant to examine the study of The Strange Point of Schrodinger Wave equation/function in different potential well. We solve mostly time independent Schrodinger Equation [1] and also solve energy spectrum [5]. We discuss the strange points for the potential like as Catenary shaped potential well, Ellipsoidal potential well, Circular potential well. In this article at first we solve Schrodinger equation for Catenary [9] shaped potential well for one dimensional linear Harmonic oscillator [3], for this we find an extra constant in the potential energy which follow the Catenary equation in some special condition and if the potential is of the form of the Catenary equation then we can say that this is one dimensional Catenary shape potential well. We use here time independent Schrodinger equation of one dimension and also find the energy levels for Catenary shape potential well.

Keywords: Circular well baffle, ellipsoidal, catenary, spectrum, Schrodinger etc.

Posted in Issue No. 1 (January-March 2022), Volume 4

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