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The Future of Indian Science and Technology in the Context of New Education Policy

Devendra Kumar*, Deepak Shrotriya and Pramod Kumar Verma


National Education Policy 2020(NEP 2020) is the first education policy of 21th century. In NEP 2020, Indian scholars have tried to remove the loopholes of old Education Policy 1986. A roadmap is given in NEP 2020 for attaining from basic literacy and number knowledge to higher level knowledge and capacities. If it is implemented properly, it will be a milestone in development of India.
Modern age is the age of science and technology. Those countries which are advance in science and technology, they lead the world. NEP 2020 is written keeping in mind importance of science and technology. Examples of Indian science and technology progress are ISRO, DRDO, IT HUB, pharmaceutical industry etc. which reflects present picture of Indian science and technology. In modern time, India is competing with world in the field of IT services, vaccine and medicine manufacturing, space missions etc. But at present we are lagging in some subareas of science and technology like cyber safety, electronic components manufacturing as processors, API manufacturing etc. A roadmap is given in NEP 2020 to advance our knowledge in each area of science and technology by boosting researches.
New generation has some new and different problems and necessities in modern time. Technology has gone to be an integral part of their lives. They will face problems which are born in environment due to ugly side of science and technology like cyber frauds. The major impact of NEP 2020 will be making Indians capable to fight with problems of present and future strongly and transforming India in a scientifically, culturally advanced and enriched peaceful country.
If NEP 2020 implemented properly according to its vision, Indian society will be able to transform itself in a noble society where Indian science and technology will make India a global power economically, socially and geopolitically.

Keywords: NEP 2020, Education, NRF, Vocational Education, Technology etc.

Posted in Issue No. 1 (January-March 2022), Volume 4

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