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Potential Health Implications of Amylase- Rich Flour in Wheat and Barley -Based Gruel

Aarti Malhosia and Anjali Shukla


The pivotal role of amylase-rich foods, particularly in aiding digestion and potentially managing glucose levels, has sparked interest in the scientific community. This paper presents an exploratory study into the potential health effects of making high-solid gruels, a common staple in numerous cultures all around the world, with amylase-rich flour (ARF) generated from wheat and barley. The effects of ARF on the digestibility and glycemic index of these gruels are investigated using both in vitro and in vivo techniques in this study. The findings show that the addition of ARF significantly improves the digestibility of these high-solid gruels, demonstrating an effective conversion of complex carbs into simpler sugars. Additionally, it appeared that the glycemic index of these gruels had decreased, pointing to a potential function for ARF in glycemic management.

Childhood nutrition is a fundamental determinant of health outcome especially among vulnerable populations such as children from tribal and low-income communities. Furthermore, the potential for ARF to increase nutrient absorption and thus contribute to overall growth and development is highlighted, which is of utmost importance in these resource-limited settings.

The paper also posits potential wider implications for public health, particularly in regions where wheat and barley-based gruels are dietary staples and emphasizes the promise of ARF as a cost-effective nutritional intervention to enhance the dietary quality of children in tribal and low-income communities and providing a significant advancement in the pursuit of health equity and improved child health outcomes. These findings advance the nexus between nutritional research and public health by highlighting the health advantages of ARF while also offering considerable support for its promotion in food policies and practices..

Keywords: Amylase-rich flour (ARF), Glycemic Index, Gruel, Children, Germination etc.

Posted in Issue No. 1 (January-March 2023), Volume 5

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