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Ameliorative effects of leaves of moringa Oleifera against aluminium induced liver In albino rats

Akansha Rao and Dharmendra Pratap Singh


Environmental pollutions with the different Aluminium (Al) containing compounds has been increased. Aluminium is one of the ubiquitous element that is being immensely used in industries, pharmaceuticals, food additives and consumer products. The focus of the current investigation was to examine the ameliorative effect of leaves extract of Moringa oleifera against aluminium induced in liver of albino rat. Thirty albino rats weighing 150 -180 gm were separated into three groups of 10 rats in each group. Group A treat as normal (control) and were received rat food and water. Group B rats were received two hundred mg/kg b. wt. of aluminium While rats in Group C were given three hundred mg/kg b. wt. of Moringa oleifera and same dose of aluminium given to rat of Group B through oral gavage tube. The treatment duration were four weeks after complete treatment rats were sacrificed for blood samples were obtained and utilize for the analyses of some liver parameters (ALP, SGOT and SGPT). The outcome suggested that aluminium elevated the ranges of ALP, SGOT and SGPT significantly (p<0.05). It concluded that leaves extract of Moringa oleifera have amelioration properties to reduce the harmful activities of aluminium in liver of albino rat.

Keywords: ALP, Aluminium, Liver, Moringa oleifera, SGOT and SGPT.

Posted in Issue No. 1 (January-March 2023), Volume 5

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