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Effect of Artificial sweeteners on human health: a brief review

Aarti Malhosia


Sugars are basic component of today’s culinary. Now a days’ consumption of artificial sugars increasing as people consider it as medicine to reduce blood glucose and weight, they are unaware of the side effect of these artificial sweeteners. The artificial sweeteners destroy the gut biome, causes cancer, mood swing, depression, headache and many other diseases, if the consumption is higher in dose and long term. As these are the synthetic sweeteners which are prepared by using the different chemicals, so the side effect of the artificial sweeteners varies with the chemical composition or the brand.

Comparing to artificial sweeteners natural sweeteners are the best option as they metabolize completely and body and do not cause ant side effect. But for any medical issue like diabetes, obesity the consumption of natural sweeteners can be limited to its quantity instead of using artificial sweeteners.

Keywords: Artificial sweeteners, Health, Side effects, Different chemicals etc.

Posted in Volume 4, Issue No. 2 (April-June 2022)

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