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Carbonated Cold Drinks And Their Influence On College Going Students With Special Reference To Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Sadhna M. Singh


Presently youth become the main point of focus for the food industries, as far as youth are concern they always want a new and interesting form of food to be served. In this series carbonated beverages has made a distinct place among their celebrations and for this celebration there is no distinction of gender. Both are consuming such beverages at the same level. The carbonated beverages have taken over the traditional drinks like lassi, pana, jaljeeera and many more.Youth drinks all these beverages to satisfy their mental desires and all these drinks are easily available as well as are affordable to their pockets. While being aware of adverse effects as tooth decay, osteoporosis, acidity etc. of carbonated drinks on health youth keep on consuming these carbonated beverages. So to clarify this man made fact a study has been conducted on the group of college going youth from college of Bhopal city. The outcome of the study is that the youth is consuming the carbonated beverages for fun, satiety, while knowing that all these drinks provide a favorable environment for the development of above mentioned disorders. 

Keywords: carbonated beverages, youth, and traditional drinks.

Posted in Issue No. 2 (April-June 2017), Volume 1

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