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Ionization Rate Calculations From Ion And Radon Measurements

Alok Sagar Gautam


Simultaneous measurements of atmospheric ions of both polarities and size distribution of atmospheric aerosol particles in the mobility range of 3.16 – 0.00133 cm2v-1s-1 (diameter range – 0.46 – 47.1 nm) with a Neutral Air Ion Spectrometer (NAIS) and radon and its daughter products from Radon Thoron Monitor (RTM 2200), made at a tropical station, Pune (18° 31′ N, 73° 55′ E) since March 15, 2010, revealed that ionization rate calculated from the Radon and its progeny is closely represent the derived ionization rate from Ion-Aerosol Equilibrium equation. We derived the concentration of small ions from the ionization rate from radon and its progeny and results shows good agreement of the concentration of small ions from direct measurement from NAIS. The ionization rate at this tropical station shows minima in the afternoon and maxima in the early morning. Also examined the variation of ionization rate with the meteorological parameter. 

Keywords: Ionization, Ion-Aerosol

Posted in Issue No. 1 (January-March 2017), Volume 1

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