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Need of Gas Sensors, an Electronic Nose: A Review

Nitu Singh*, Ravindra Kumar, Raju, S. P. Singh, A. S. Gautam and Ram Janma


With the change in time, the hilarious development of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology came into existence, various industries, food processing units, cosmetics, smart mobiles etc and various other luxury items. More the demands, more is the waste discharge from industries, hence more is the chance of environmental pollution. Not only with this, more requirement of the prediction on quantity of raw materials is needed. More the productive units, more becomes the liability of need of safety equipment’s for workers. In present scenario, it will not be wrong if it is said that the environment is full of toxic gases. Therefore, its detection becomes very critical and important for environmental monitoring, chemical process control, agriculture, and medical applications and even in National security.

 The solution is only one for all such necessities, and that is the gas sensors, an electronic nose. Sensing technology has been broadly discovered as a most powerful tool utilized for gas detection. Due to its various utility and intrinsic limitations of different gas sensing technologies, researchers are continuously working on different platforms for improved gas sensor calibration.

Keywords: toxic gases, gas sensors, electronic nose, Smart gas sensing technology.

Posted in Volume 3, Issue No. 4 (October-December 2021)

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