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Therapeutic Effct of Cereal Bran on The Pateints Suffering From Diabetes Mellitus With Special Reference To Type Ii Diabetic Patients

Aarti Malhosia, Chandrakanta Mourya and Nitu Singh


Nowadays diabetes is the most dreadful disease for humankind in the whole world. Indians are more centrally obese at a given level of body mass index (BMI) compared to white Caucasians and that Indians are more insulin resistant even at lower level of BMI so they are more prone to have diabetes. Consumption of cereal bran decreases the blood glucose level as its amount is inversely associated with insulin resistance. A detailed clinical examination done on selected patients. The criteria for the selection are as follows: 1.All patients are sedentary middle aged workers. 2. Patients with complications like were not included 3.Patients selected were explained the outline and aim of the study. They were advised to have cereal bran in powdered form. 4. We made 3 groups. Group A fed 5 gm, group B fed 10 gm and group C fed 15 gm of cereal bran. 5. Patients are recalled after 2 weeks for the investigation to know the proper effect of cereal bran. 6. The investigations include Anthropometric data, GTT, blood glucose, and serum lipid profile. The test applied for clinical estimation of blood glucose is GOD-POD (glucose oxidase peroxiadase) method. So, this study proves that consumption of cereal bran improves the blood glucose levels in the diabetic’s patients. 

Keywords: Diabetes, Cereal bran, Polysaccharide etc.

Posted in Issue No. 2 (April-June 2017), Volume 1

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