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Complications And Effect on Nutritional Status on Increased Creatinine Levels in Dialysis Dependent Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Patients with Special Refrence to Bhopal City

Chandrakanta Mourya and Nilima Varma


Chronic kidney disease has emerged as serious health problem of the enduring loss of kidney function. Dialysis is an easiest way to lead rest of the life with CKD, but there are many complications that have to be handled with great concern and preventative measure. This study focuses to assess and detect out the physical and nutritional complications arises in between two dialysis, as they require proper guidance and counseling regarding their nutrition intake especially calorie and protein intake. For this study dialysis dependent CKD patients are selected who were undergoing various anthropometry measurements, biochemical assessments, 24-hours dietary recall assessment to observe the nutritional deprivation during the two concurrent dialysis of the single patient.
This study concluded that the nutritional instability is major complication in dialysis dependent CKD patients. As, dialysis is the only a stand by treatment for these patients which is accompanied with many complications therefore, it is necessary to timely identify the nutritional problem of the patients and provide high-quality nutritive support to reduce the complication like severe malnutrition and other associated obstacles

Keywords: Kidney Function, dialysis, creatinine levels, biochemical profile, Protein and calorie, blood pressure etc.

Posted in Volume 4, Issue No. 4 (October-December 2022)

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