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Tarun Kumar and Bhumika Kumari Suthar


Exoplanets – Exoplanets are those stars which lie out of our solar system by but they revolve around another host star or sun of them. The most exoplanets,1 which has been seen outside from our galaxies i.e., milky way has been caught by NASA’s Kepler space telescope. Since search of life on other planets is most curious topic for Scientist and Astrophysicist around the world. As a result, so many Exoplanets has been discovered. Even in search of Exoplanets NASA and ESA also launches different types of mission. As a result, we have been found 5000 Exoplanets in our observable Universe till now. There are different methods to find exoplanets in universe ,even in many cases some of the planets found which are tidely locked to its host stars but in some other cases some planets found revolving to there host star and lies in habitable zone, which may be become our future earth.

Keywords: Exoplanets, NASA, Habitable zone.

Posted in Issue No. 1 (January-March 2023), Volume 5

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