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Western Disturbance Activity Over Indian Domain

Satish Prakash*, Rahul Sharma, Shiv Kumar, R.K. Giri and Anil Kumar Tomar


The study examined a few cases of Western Disturbances (WDs) that usually affected the Indian region with the changes in the meteorological elements like pressure, temperature, rainfall and humidity over the region. These changes in weather elements generate the situations like cold wave, for etc. over the regions starting from extreme north to peninsular India and disrupt the normal life. Since, during winter north India faces several eastward moving systems and it gives winter precipitation in most parts of the country which supports the countrymen in many ways therefore it is the bread and butter in many parts of North West India and boon for farmers. Sometimes persistence or quasi permanent features of the weather system can cause disastrous situations in many parts of the country.
WDs movement and upper air circulation features and its association with quasi stationary trough and ridges are given in this paper which helps in understanding better the atmospheric drivers of WDs and their impacts on human society

Keywords: Western Disturbance (WD), Precipitation, Trough in westerlies, induced systems.

Posted in Issue No. 1 (January-March 2022), Volume 4

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