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Insat-3D/3DR and GNSS derived products & Thunderstorm events over the Indian region

Satish Prakash*, Anil Kumar, Rahul Sharma, Shiv Kumar and R.K. Giri


Satellite derived information play an important role in weather forecasting. Both INSAT-3D/3DR and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) derived products utilizing operationally at India Meteorological department (IMD) daily. These products are operationally available at 15 minutes intervals from INSAT-3D/3DR Imager and GNSS. INSAT3D/3DR Imager derived blended imagery, Day /Night Time Microphysics (DMP/NMP), Outgoing Long Wave Radiation (OLR), RGB Imagery and clear sky Wind Index from INSAT-3DR Sounder (hourly) were analysed for recent thunderstorm over Delhi NCR region on 30th May-2022. GNSS derived Integrated Precipitable Water Vapour (IPWV) shows a gradual building up 3 to 4 hours prior to the event. Therefore, with the supports of INSAT products the weather events can be monitored prior to its occurrence and suitable inputs were supplied to the decision support system of forecasting in IMD. Thereafter the information is value added based on other inputs from Numerical Weather Prediction Models (like Rapid Refresh Weather research Forecast, Ensemble forecast, Global Forecast System etc), Radar, and surface or upper air etc. before giving the information to the general public and end users.

Keywords: INSAT-3D/3DR, IPWV and thunderstorm.

Posted in Issue No. 1 (January-March 2022), Volume 4

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