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Therapeutic Potential of Bioactive Constituent In Moringa Oleifera Leaves Secure Against Non-Communicable Diseases

Dharmendra Pratap Singh* and Akansha Rao


Moringa oleifera (MO), a plant from the family Moringacea is a significant harvest in Asia and Africa. MO has been read for its wellbeing properties, credited to the various bioactive parts, counting nutrients, phenolic acids, flavonoids, isothiocyanates, tannins and saponins, which are present in critical sums in different parts of the plant. Moringa oleifera leaves are the most generally contemplated and they have demonstrated to be advantageous in a few ongoing conditions, including hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, diabetes, insulin opposition, non-alcoholic liver infection, malignant growth and in general aggravation. In this survey, we present data on the advantageous outcomes that have been accounted for on the counteraction and lightening of these ongoing conditions in different creature models and in cell considers. The current restricted data on human examinations and Moringa oleifera leaves is likewise introduced. Generally speaking, it has been all around archived that Moringa oleifera leaves are a decent key for different conditions related with coronary illness, diabetes, malignancy and greasy liver.

Keywords: Moringa oleifera, Bioactive composition, non-communicable diseases.

Posted in Volume 3, Issue No. 2 (April-June 2021)

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