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High-pressure equations of state and elastic properties of the lower mantle of the earth

S. P. Singh*, Nitu Singh, Dharmendra Singh and Jai Shanker


In the present study, the elastic properties of the lower mantle of the earth have been studied. We have used a new equation of state on Eulerian finite theory based on nth power of edge length by compression. Using the new equations of state, the pressure has been calculated density range varying from 3976.92 to 6628.2 kg m-3 of lower earth’s mantle.  Along with this, the bulk modulus and its pressure derivative have computed at different pressure for the depth of lower mantle from 670 to 2891 km. We have also calculated the pressure dependence thermal expansivity using the Anderson-Grüneisen theory and other relation of α. The results from this new equation of state (EOS) correspond well with the data reported by Stacey and Davis. Thus, the new expressions are capable to predict the elastic properties of Earth’s minerals under high-pressure conditions. It can be used in geophysical applications.

Keywords: Thermal Expansivity, Isothermal Bulk Modulus, Pressure derivatives, Mine, High-pressure, equation of state, lower mantle.

Posted in Issue No. 2 (April-June 2021), Volume 3

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