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Comparison of water quality between upper and delta course of the river Ganga during winter 2021

Monojit Ray*, Amit Ghati, Harshvardhan Pant, Sandeep Negi and Harish Chandra Joshi


According to water discharge and water flow rate Ganga is the third largest river, next to Amazon and Congo in the earth. In this work we tried to find out the difference of ganga river water quality between upper course and delta course with respect to physico-chemical parameters, biologically significant few ion concentrations, status of coliform bacteria present. TDS, salinity, turbidity, conductance, alkalinity etc. are found greater in delta course compared to upper course. The dissolved oxygen level was foundhigher for upper course of the river. Hardness remains almost constant throughout the river flow. The coliform bacteria found is significant.

Keywords: Ganga, Physico-chemical parameters, Ions, Upper course, Delta course.

Posted in Volume 3, Issue No. 2 (April-June 2021)

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