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Pressure Dependence of Debye Temperature and Thermoelastic Properties for HCP-Iron (Ε-Fe)

S. P. Singh*, Nitu Singh, Jai Shanker, Yogendra Kumar and Dhananjai Yadav


The Debye characteristic temperature is of considerable importance to scientists because it correlates the elastic properties with the thermodynamic properties (such as phonons, thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, specific heat, and lattice enthalpy) of the solids. After examining the experimental data of the volume dependence of Debye temperature for ε-Fe, we have considered a relation for Debye temperature as a function of compression i.e. θD=A+B exp⁡ C(V/V0 ), where A, B and C are adjustable parameters. The results from the proposed relation for Debye temperature, shear sound velocity and thermal expansivity associated with a new equation of state recently reported by Singh et al. are agreed well with experimental data.

Keywords: Debye temperature, shear velocity, equation of state, thermal expansivity, high pressure, ε-Fe.

Posted in Volume 4, Issue No. 2 (April-June 2022)

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