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E-learning in modern education: Anytime, anywhere, anyone

Chetanya Saxena* and Prakrati Chaturvedi


Education, in itself is a vast field of interest and research. It is a vibrant process which can be obtained from various institutes. One such well known and popular institute is school which provides education to all students of different age, different economic background, different region, different mental status and so on with other co-curricular activities that can develop an individual’s personality and boost up the optimism and cheery percentage along with the awareness, knowledge of skills required to lead a flourishing life.
The 21st century learners live in such a society which is very gradually -more diverse, more versatile, and media-drenched. Our learners of today are facing many challenges like population bang, environmental degradation, social safety issues and etc. No doubt, they are a compulsory part of social interactive communication. These students or learners communicate to their mentors or friends through various social networking platforms like WhatsApp, messenger, Twitter, Facebook. So one of the most essential roles of the teacher or educator today is to spot out the necessity of the student and to train or skill them accordingly.
Our world is changing day to day. We are every day designing new technical devices, busy in new scientific discoveries. So to live today in this progressing world we have to bend ourselves with the wind. Imparting of knowledge is very tricky, expensive, time-consuming and sometimes even does not guarantee results, but e-learning has the package of solutions to all such various problem.
This paper focuses on the significance of E-learning in modern education. Nowadays, the perception of E-learning is becoming very famous. Faster bandwidths have also facilitated in boosting up of the expansion of E-Learning. And hence the numbers of internet savvy users are also increasing day by day. Therefore, many institutions including universities are hiring E-Learning Big corporate companies to set up interactive classrooms for providing higher education. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), the world’s largest Open University had launched a 24×7 E-learning satellite channel called Gyan Darshan.

Keywords: E-learning, modern education, time savvy, low cost, loss of interest, technology, internet.

Posted in Volume 4, Issue No. 2 (April-June 2022)

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