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Upper Primary Student’s Perception And Preference For E – Education In India

Chetanya Saxena


Education has now become a basic need of every human being to become a self-developed person.  But this the COVID-19 pandemic has forced    all education houses around the world to shut down indefinitely and thus has to move their educational activities onto online platforms. The schools were not prepared for such an unbelievable and sudden transition but any how they   come up with an alternative of online classes. And thus teaching-learning processes start evolving gradually.

The online classes or e-learning is now in practice of all education houses. Now it is compulsory for all students to become a part of this platform as they have no other choices for their upliftment.

This review paper throws light upon the different aspects related to e-learning in opinion of students and teachers during this ongoing pandemic.

The upper middle students felt that they learn better in physical classrooms rather than virtual classrooms. The students, however, felt that the teachers have shown improvement in their online teaching skills. The students also cherished the online study material being used in providing online education. On the other hand, the students also felt that online education is stressful and affecting their health and social life. This pandemic has led to a prevalent adoption of e- learning system and the lessons learnt now will be accommodated in the future.

This study also provides a summarization about the impacts of e-learning on education and society.

Keywords: E- learning, upper middle class students, Pandemic, preferences for online education.

Posted in Volume 3, Issue No. 1 (January-March 2021)