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A Brief Review: Analyzing Nanoparticles and Nanocomposite with Ultrasonic Applications and Future Outlooks

Jay Prakash and Surendra Pratap Singh


The review article has focused on the performance analysis of Analyzing Metallic Nanomaterials with Ultrasonic applications and future outlooks. Ultrasound (US) or Ultrasonic technology is already in the research field which is providing a powerful tool for producing nanomaterials. Currently, nanotechnology is dealing with various ultrasonic instruments which can monitor and control nanoparticles. The ultrasonic testing technique involves different testing parameters for nanomaterial characterization like, velocity, attenuation, spectral analysis, backscatter amplitude, critical angles, and acoustic measurements. Ultrasonic treatment is one of the most effective techniques to break down the large clusters of nanoparticles into the smaller clusters or even individual nanoparticles. A very important part of nanomaterials shows favorable property, such as enhanced kinetics and better efficiency as catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction. This review article critically reviews the recent advances in the applications of ultrasound in various field systems. 

Keywords: Ultrasonic, metallic nanoparticle, nanotechnology, oxygen reduction, efficiency etc.

Posted in Volume 1, Issue No. 3 (July-September 2017)

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