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Comparison of Physio-chemical parameters of River Bhagirathi, Jalangi and Churni within Nadia, WB During 2020-2021

Monojit Ray


The longest river within Nadia district is Jalangi (206 KM). Bhagirathi flows Plassey to Kalyani 187 KM. Churni covers 56 KM through its course within Nadia [1]. For all the three rivers pH value reflects slight alkaline nature of river waters. For all these rivers water, TDS and salinity values never moves below 100 ppm. Turbidity of Jalangi remain low throughout the year. Bhagirathi water shows high turbidity during monsoon. BOD value found below 4 mg/litre for all the three rivers throughout the year.

Keywords: Physico-chemical parameters, Churni, Jalangi, Bhagirathi, River water.

Posted in Volume 3, Issue No. 3 (July-September 2021)

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