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Seasonal Variation of Physio-Chemical Parameters of River Churni Nadia during 2019-2020

Monojit Ray


Churni river is one of the most important river of Ranaghat subdivision, Nadia district of West Bengal, India. The river flows from Majhdia township through Hanskhali, Birnagar, Ranaghat and finally joins river Bhagirathi at Shivpur near Chakdaha (23.13 North, 88.50 East). The biodiversity of any river depends on physicochemical parameters of river water. In this study, I had tried to find  out seasonal variation of physicochemical parameters like pH, conductance, salinity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen (DO), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), total dissolved solids (TDS) and hardness during the period April 2019 to March 2020. The variations of physicochemical parameters throughout the year have a profound influence on river ecosystem, as it is a lotic ecosystem

Keywords: Physicochemical parameters, Churni river, Water.

Posted in Issue No. 1 (January-March 2021), Volume 3

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