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Altitudinal distribution of birds in sub – tropical and temperate region of middle Himalayan Chain of Doda, Jammu and Kashmir

Ajaz Ahmed Wani


Birds are not static and undergoes migration that can be local or over long distance in order to avoid unfavorable climatic conditions, in search of food or for breeding purpose. A study on altitudinal distribution was made in temperate and subtropical forest of middle Himalayan chain of Jammu and Kashmir. In the present study a total of 71 species of birds was documented from the study area belonging to 9 orders 27 families and 12 subfamilies. The study shows the distribution range of all species between 700m to 3500 m.

Keywords: Altitudinal distribution, Birds, Doda Himalayas, Jammu and Kashmir.

Posted in Issue No. 1 (January-March 2021), Volume 3

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