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Effect of Melatonin Pretreatment On Nephrotoxicity Induced By Ampicillin Sodium In Indian Palm Squirrel, F. Pennanti

Dinesh Chandra


Ampicillin and Tetracycline are very often used in infections, out of which Tetracycline’s are very much known to produce Nephrotoxic effects in human beings and experimental animals but nephrotoxicity caused by Ampicillin has recently been discovered.  It has been reported that the toxic effect of widely used drugs are the result of oxidative reaction that takes place during metabolism, which produces oxidative stress to the organism. Notable among the ameliorating agents are antioxidants, which include different classes of compounds that include beta-blockers, superoxide dismutase mimetic agents, hormones, iron chelators, vitamins and medicinal plants. Ampicillin toxicity has never been studied in a seasonally breeding tropical rodent Funambulus pennanti.


In the present study, the effect of Melatonin on the oxidative stress induced by Ampicillin was investigated in tropical rodent Funambulus pennanti

Keywords: Nephrotoxic effects, metabolism, organism, and seasonally breeding tropical rodent.

Posted in Issue No. 3 (July-September 2020), Volume 2