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Impact of Nano Technology In Present Scenario

Srijati Agrawal and Rajeev Kumar Agrawal


For many decades, Nano-technology has been continuously used by researchers and scientists for the purpose of development in various fields of study Science, Technology and Engineering.
Nano scale structure is that part of science which works for the creative part at first stage and then investigates and searches for possibilities and then at the third stage, it plays the role of utilization of the system which is indeed one thousand times small in comparison to the component currently used in the field of micro-technology. In Biomedical Science, Nano-technology is very useful because Nano-particles can enter inside the cells and can access the DNA molecules/genes and therefore, there is a possibility that a defect in the genes can be detected. Nano-technology can be directly applied for medicine with great benefit to it as well as for environment too. The only fear is that, unlike all other beneficial technologies, this can also cause adverse effects although unintended on our environment and can also impact human surroundings. Infact, the careless use of Nano technologies can be harmful for eco-system as well as human world and its impact can be either within mortal beings or outer natural phenomenon.
Therefore, while we decide to use this Nano-technology for either the betterment of human health or for sustainable eco-system, let’s be careful first to evaluate its consequences and effects on our environment, nature and human health. Only after examining the various aspects of Nano-technology before we introduce it to the market place.

Keywords: Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis, inflammation, Oxidative stress, Immune responses.

Posted in Issue No. 2 (April - June 2020), Volume 2