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Impact of Covid-19 lockdown on Environment components

Pawan Kumar Bharti and R. K. Singh


Recently, COVID19 has been declared a pandemic worldwide due to its infection in more than 200 countries after China, Italy, Spain, USA, India and many more. In India, total 74925 number of COVID19 cases have been reported as on 13 May 20201 and out of which 24887 cases were recovered and 2436 deaths occurred.
Lockdown in India:
Apart from several precautions, social distancing and standard actions2, a nationwide public curfew (1 day), lockdown (21 days), lockdown 2.0 (19 days) and lockdown 3.0 (14 days) was declared by govt. of India to break the growth cycle and combat against the Corona virus. During this lockdown, almost every activity was closed except several basic needs like medical facilities and provision supply.
During this period, air pollution level in various major cities of India shows the relations of pollution and various anthropogenic activities. A significance reduction in air pollution load, improvement in river water quality, reduction in noise level/traffic volume, increment in aesthetic beauty, fearlessness of wild animals was observed during the lockdown period.


Posted in Issue No. 2 (April - June 2020), Volume 2