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Structural And Electrical Studies On Blend Based Polymer Gel Electrolytes

R.P. Kumhar


In the present study an attempt has been made to cast a stable free standing PVA: PVP blend based polymer gel electrolyte film using ammonium acetate salt (CH3COONH4) and characterize them for application in solid state batteries. Formation of blend as well as composite polymer electrolyte is confirmed by XRD studies. Ionic conductivity of PVA: PVP blend based polymer gel electrolyte, namely, PVA: PVP: CH3COONH4 is seen to improve by an order of magnitude at room temperature with an optimum 1.34×10-3 S/cm for 0.4 mole ammonium acetate concentration. I-t measurement (tion~0.9) establish dominance of ionic charge transport in synthesized electrolytes. Combination of Arrhenious and VTF behavior is reflected during temperature dependent conductivity analysis. Jonscher Power law seems to be obeyed according to ac conductivity measurement. 

Keywords: Polymer Gel Electrolyte, XRD, Ionic Conductivity, Ionic Transport Number

Posted in Issue No. 3 (July-September 2017), Volume 1