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Effect of pesticides on amylase activity in foragers of apismellifera l. Under laboratory conditions

Sushil Kumar


The effect of sub lethal concentrations of three organophosphates (dimethoate – 30 EC, methyl parathion – 50 EC, malathion – 50 EC) and one biopesticide (neem oil – 25 EC) on the activity of digestive enzyme Amylase in foragers of Apismellifera L of different was studied. The experiments were performed in laboratory conditions.The data obtained from treated groups of bees revealed that all the pesticides reduced the Amylase activity. The results suggested that organophosphates (Methyl parathion, Malathion and Dimethoate) had great inhibitory action on amylase activity. Neem oil a biopestcide, showed insignificant inhibitory effect. The maximum inhibition was observed for Methyl parathion followed by, Malathion, Dimethoate, Neem oil. 

Keywords: Pesticides, Amylase, Apismellifera, Organophosphates, Biopesticide, Neem oil

Posted in Issue No. 1 (January-March 2017), Volume 1